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Why Wait? Don’t Procrastinate!

Do you have a habit of procrastinating? There may be times when you know there is plenty to do but you linger to start a task. People who procrastinate often say they work better under pressure but that’s not true. Working in a rush leaves more room for error and let’s just say I learned this from experience. I struggle with procrastination and I am slowly getting better. My husband may have a different opinion.🤭 I constantly remind myself to begin a task by using these thoughts 💭

  • Starting a job sooner than later can help relieve anxiety.

  • Starting a job sooner gives time to correct errors and make improvements.

  • Starting a job sooner gives a better opportunity to achieve greatness.

So don’t wait another week to accomplish whatever it is you have been trying to do. Start now. Gradually work until you are not just finished, but you have exceeded your expectations. You can do it. Give yourself a timeline and hold yourself accountable.

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