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My Top 5 Female R&B Singers

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

  1. Whitney Houston

  2. Monica

  3. Fantasia

  4. Jasmine Sullivan

  5. Beyonce

Whitney’s voice is #1 because her voice is smooth like butter. It’s powerful when needed and strong when needed. Monica’s voice is #2 because she is so underrated. She has a strong but smooth voice that is very similar to Whitney. Fantasia is #3 on my list because she is a powerful soul singer. Everything she sings has the ability to touch you in some kind of way. Jasmine Sullivan is #4 because she is the queen of runs and has crazy range. Beyoncé is #5 on my list because although she is the best entertainer of my singer’s list she has more of a pop style of music that sometimes doesn’t let her vocals shine as much. Who’s your top 5?

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