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I Miss My Village

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Being a mom can be the most rewarding duty in life. But let's get real. It consists of tough days. I am raising a toddler son, and let's just say at times it is exhausting. When it comes to cooking nutritious meals, teaching him shapes, colors, ABC's, 1 2 3's, and let's not forget potty training, my day feels like a circus at times. Oh, and did I mention I have one on the way? My energy has been down since carrying my second child. I miss my village! This pandemic has taken the little social life I had and has also put a strain on me seeing my village. Don't get me wrong. My husband and I make a great team. He has been working from home and watching our son while I go to teach in the classroom during this pandemic. I know it's draining for us both. I miss the good old days. The times when you could easily drop your kids off with their grandparents without being in fear of a dangerous virus. I am a strong believer that raising children requires more than just a child's parents. It requires other family members and trusted friends to step in when parents are overwhelmed. If you are feeling exhausted like me, we are in this together. Just do your best each day. Also, pour the coffee.

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